Since accidentally starting a career as a mermaid in 2010, I’ve established myself as one of the most well-known YouTube mermaids in the world, with over 100k followers and more than 60 million views. Apart from the (sometimes live) mermaid performances, I’ve also branched out to include underwater performances, for example wearing a dress instead of a mermaid tail. I update my channel as often as I can, with both mermaid videos and vlogs. 

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It’s not just YouTube, though. I recently got the opportunity to play a rather large part in a proof of concept by Karl Derrick, where I not only got to do some acting in front of the camera (which was incredibly fun and taught me a lot) but I also got to dive in Europe’s largest underwater facility at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. Working with a wonderfully creative team and crew there, I think we made something really special. More updates on that later!