Stella Brüggen

Stella Brüggen

The Singer’s Jetpack: Build Your Singing Habit in 7 Steps

This was originally going to be a really, really long blog post. But now it’s not. Instead, I’ve turned it into an e-book.

In this 10-page e-book, I’ve outlined the seven steps to building a singing routine that will stick. Everything that I’ve learned over the past two years, I’ve compiled for you into a bite-sized chunks. 

What’s in this Jetpack?

The Singer’s Jetpack contains seven one-page chapters. Every chapter comes with small exercises or a to-do list. You’ll only need a small notebook to complete them. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to get (even more) serious about singing. Whether you want to audition for a conservatory, you’re already on one, you’re a professional who wants to get more disciplined or you’re 60 and finally committing to your hobby: this e-book is going to change the way you look at motivation and give you the tools to treat yourself with strictness AND compassion.

How much does it cost?

Best part: absolutely nothing if you sign up to my mailing list. You can also unsubscribe any time you want and keep the e-book. 

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Ready for lift-off? 

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Ready to build your personal, perfect, daily singing routine? I’ve got seven steps to a practice foundation that will lift your singing to the next level. 

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