Authenticity and the Chameleon’s Curse

‘Yes,’ the teacher said, ‘But now I’d like to hear it in your voice.’I laughed as if I understood what he meant. As if, up until now, I had just been playing around, but now I would sing it as myself, with my own unique voice, with its signature sound that anyone would recognise as […]

Challenge: 30 Days of Excuses

At the beginning of November, I came up with this #30daysofexcuses challenge. The idea is to track whether or not you practise every day for a month (or it can be any other good habit!), and see what excuses you tell yourself on the days that you don’t practise.  I’m doing the challenge with a […]

The Perfect Way to Sing

‘Tension isn’t bad. You could call it focus – but try to move the focus to your audience instead of yourself.’

The Singer’s Jetpack: Build Your Singing Habit in 7 Steps

This was originally going to be a really, really long blog post. But now it’s not. Instead, I’ve turned it into an e-book. In this 10-page e-book, I’ve outlined the seven steps to building a singing routine that will stick. Everything that I’ve learned over the past two years, I’ve compiled for you into a […]

Dreading a concert? Watch out.

I had always seen performances as exactly that: an opportunity to perform, to shine, to be at my absolute best. And now I was paying the price.

Quiz: the Singer Sorting Hat!

All you millennial singers out there – this is the quiz for you! If you were at Hogwarts, what house would you be in?